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Competing in a world-class environment demands brutal scales of performance from your machines. Lost machine downtime due to punctures, incorrect fit, structural defects and plain material failure can be frustrating, and can irreversibly damage your ability to deliver. Selection of the correct tyre for your machines is therefore of crucial importance and can be best described as a no-compromise.

SUPERTRAK Tyres are designed to offer you high traction, robust construction, advanced design geometry and lasting performance. Our range of solid and pneumatic tyres is designed to offer users a product whose performance is matched by the price they pay. Quality does not come at a premium.

SUPERTRAK Tyres are available in a number of sizes and patterns, and are suitable for a range of material handling and industrial tyre applications. SUPERTRAK Tyres are used across a wide fleet of skid steers and forklifts, and new applications and innovations are constantly being sought.


The SUPERTRAK Total Value Offering allows customers to select a product that offers a fitting product-price mix. The Offering has been developed keeping user needs in mind, and provides customer satisfaction along a range of propositions - Product, Price, Delivery & Use.


SUPERTRAK Tyres are designed to be durable, and offer superior performance in the most rugged environment. They have the ability to endure rough handling and use, and are suitable for severe applications and surfaces. SUPERTRAK Tyres conforms to ETRTO and T&RA Standards, and are manufactured in factories using the latest production techniques. New sizes can be developed as per customer requirements.


SUPERTRAK is positioned as a broad-market product, offering customers excellent value at a competitive price.


The SUPERTRAK logistics chain allows us to respond in a reasonable timeframe to a variety of user requirements around the world. SUPERTRAK is distributed in over 25 countries which includes the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. If required, orders of solid and pneumatic tyres can be consolidated in the same container to reduce shipping costs and enable convenience of ordering.


SUPERTRAK is a sound choice for customers who are concerned with reducing costs associated with product failure, lost downtime, running and maintenance.

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